Welcome to my Website!
This year I am a Semi Pro-Expert Rider and I will be riding a Honda XL 500 in several classes, I will be running vintage medium, open expert, and sportsman.
 I would like to give a HUGE !!! thanks to several sponsors that will be helping me out in the 2015 season
CH general contracting
Brothers Roll Off
Anderson Roofing  
Aunt Jen
Grandma and Grandpa Malanowski
Mark the Shark District 17
    Also  a very special thanks to Garry Shephard without him I would not be doing any racing in the 2015 season!!!




Watch all my races, click on "Link to Race Videos" upper left Nav. Bar.

1st 450 Expert Race ECR 9/18/2013

YouTube Video

Race of the Week..Sportsman Main 9-8-13

YouTube Video

                                                                                                      Race of the week... ECR NY

                                                                                     July's Race of the Week... Square Deal Riders Harpursville NY

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